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Tiphaine Cuisset's Session

Which Came first? The Community or the Operations? A Case Study in Introducing Community Ops into Your Team Structure

Investing in community can be a large undertaking for a company. Justifying adding an operations team on top of that can be nearly impossible. We’ll provide an overview of how to scalably introduce operations into your team structure, what to prioritize when you’re short on resources, and how you’ll know when you’re ready for a proper operations team.

Tiphaine Cuisset


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This in-person conference is the first of its kind in Europe. Held in the heart of magical Prague, the conference features talks from leading community experts sharing their stories, learnings, and best practices for building successful online communities. Whether you're looking to enter the market, explore partnership opportunities, or strengthen your relationships with your customers, the Community Rebellion Conference is the place to be.

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