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Our initial vision was to create a central space where community builders from all over Europe could come together, share their knowledge and expertise, and build stronger connections. We believed that by bringing together a diverse group of community builders, we could create a unique and powerful network that would help to drive positive change across Europe. As we began to develop this idea, we realized that we wanted to connect Europe and the US to create a space for innovation and knowledge sharing across the board. And then, the Community Rebellion Conference was born.

The Community Rebellion Conference is the premier event for community management professionals to come together, share knowledge, and build connections. Held in the heart of magical Prague, the conference features talks from leading community experts sharing their stories, learnings, and best practices for building successful communities.

The conference is aptly named "Community Rebellion Conference" because it celebrates community managers who are rebelling against the status quo. They are the rule-breakers and the risk-takers, rebelling against a "business as usual" approach in order to craft communities where people genuinely want to spend time.

That is why this conference is a call to arms for all community professionals ready to take the stage with their own rebellion.

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