Why I Joined the Rebellion with Tali Vasilevsky

Could you tell us a bit about your background and what motivated you to be in the community space?

About 8 years ago, as I was building my business (in Interiorly different field), I was looking for meetups in my city to expand my knowledge and meet like-minded women. I didn’t find any, so I started them with 2 friends I met on a FB group. This ended up with me running a monthly meetup with attendees coming from far away, for a year, and my first official community.  A few years later, It became my day job.  People give me motivation, and the option to influence people’s lives in a meaningful way.

What do you find most rewarding about attending conferences or events?

Building connections, seeing people that just met become friends.

What inspired you to speak at the Community Rebellion Conference on the topic of growing local communities with minimal resources?

I love local communities, my career began as a local community leader. This is my favorite topic in the community because it can bring casual relationships of people that met in an online community to persuade this connection in real life and be a life-changing experience.

Can you give us a sneak peek of your talk and what attendees can expect to learn about growing local communities with minimal resources?

I believed in a Community-led approach, and getting your top community members to be involved & influence the community. I’ll be sharing my experience as a Community Manager at Elementor,  building a meetup program and growing communities in 20 counties led by local leaders, in areas where there was no marketing activity, and the only activity was community-based.

Are there any specific resources or tools you recommend for community managers looking to grow their communities with minimal resources?

Today we have a big variety of free & low-cost tools. I would start with that, like google drive for your knowledge base, Canva for design, Slack, or messaging apps for communication. For events, Lu.ma, meetup.com. Use the tools that your community is using, and make it simple for them to in-roll.

What are you most looking forward to at the Community Rebellion Conference?

Meeting some people I met only online and virtually, finally in person! Thank you for having me.

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